Privat military company E.N.O.T. CORP is training children for the combat operations

There are many parties to the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine, not only Russian mercenaries and contract soldiers, but private military companies of Russian Federation commanded by Kremlin.

E.N.O.T. CORP is one of these companies.

The company deals in sale of military equipment, supplying militants on the occupied territories in Donbas.

E.N.O.T. CORP company’s interests are wide, from supporting terrorists to direct involvement into combat activity.

Our team conducted OSINT and collected evidence of E.N.O.T. CORP’s illegal presence and participation in terrorist activity on the territory of Ukraine. This private military company allegedly deals in humanitarian missions and pretends to be a civic movement.

E.N.O.T. CORP uses several resources in the Internet to develop and promote its terrorist activity, providing propaganda and coverage of its activity:








The company’s head office is situated in Moscow, at 22/2 Bolshaia Nikitskaia Street

E.N.O.T. Corp duty telephone number: 8 (495) 644-73-79




Official E.N.O.T. CORP group lists a contact person responsible for publicity and activity of this group.


Using received data, we managed to establish the identity of one of the leaders of the terrorist organization E.N.O.T. CORP:

енот7Mikhail Yurievich Komoliatkin

Nom de guerre: Lesnik

Date of birth: August 12, 1988

Registered at the address: Moscow, 9/2 Altaiskaia Street apt.336
Cell number: +7 (963) 9260177

e-mail: mikhail_chef@mail.ru

Social media page: https://vk.com/enotpotaskoon (id 1200955)
Web site:







Social media page:

енот8 енот9

Photo evidence of Mikhail Komoliatkin’s personal information.


We also managed to establish Mikhail Yurievich Komoliatkin’s place of registration and his date of birth.


Registration of the cell number belonging to Mikhail Komoliatkin:


Video material providing direct evidence of Mikhail Komoliatkin’s participation in combat and terrorist activity on the territory of Ukraine
(from sec.40).


E.N.O.T. CORP is notorious for supplying, as they call it, ‘humanitarian aidconsisting of assault vests, optical sights, uniform and other military equipment. All this aid is sent to militants, not for peaceful settlement of the conflict, but for further war fighting. The company either supplies no food and clothes for civilians at all or brings it in very small batches.

We may speak of E.N.O.T. CORP as a group of people financing terrorism and being directly involved it its development in Donbas. The company’s activity is masterfully disguised as volunteer activity. Having established a number of volunteer and charity funds, E.N.O.T. CORP supports and equips militants. Presumably, the organization is financed by Kremlin, for E.N.O.T. does not always report on cash receipts and expenditures in accounts of this private military company.

енот14 енот15

E.N.O.T. CORP actively supported the bandit group ‘Sabotage and assault reconnaissance group RUSICH’ headed by Aleksei Yurievich Milchakov (nom de guerre ‘Serb’, ‘Frits’) and other rebel groups.



They participated in commandant’s raids on the territory of ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ and were directly involved into combat activity.


There is one common feature for E.N.O.T. CORP and ‘Sabotage and assault reconnaissance group RUSICH’. Both groups mainly consist of Russian neo-Nazis.

Neo-Nazism in Russia is characterized by open praise of Adolf Hitler and Nazi upper circles. в Neo-Nazi organizations emerged in Ukraine in early 1990th, shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Riding on the wave of democracy and free speech, several ultra-right movements appeared. Economic and social difficulties, i.e. shortage of goods, small salaries and pensions and poor living conditions encouraged growth of neo-Nazi movement.

Years have passed, but all that changed on the territory of the Russian Federation was that neo-Nazis started worshiping different idols and promote the idea of ‘Russian unity’

Mikhail Komoliatkin, one of the E.N.O.T. CORP chiefs and organizer of neo-Nazi march ‘Russkiy Pervomai’

енот19 енот18

Taking advantage of the fact that many members of the private military company are public-spirited Russian citizens, E.N.O.T. CORP created a network of organizations and military patriotic clubs, such as ‘Svetlaia Rus’ and ‘Reserve’, whose members participated in combat activity in the ranks of militants.

E.N.O.T. is holding various events disguised as patriotic upbringing of the coming generation: military patriotic gathering and basic military training, both in Russia and in ‘Luhansk/Donetsk Peoples’ Republics’.

Such events aim at recruitment of young people, teaching them the basics of managing small arms and cold arms.

Some time ago a internet resource published a material on children training at camps established by militants on the territory of Russian Federation.

Having taken a closer look into E.N.O.T. CORP activity, we found it was not the first similar event led by curators from the private military company. Special care is given to young people aged 12-18. Promoting love to motherland, militants teach young people Novorossias ideals, telling them how important it is to spreadrusskiy mir’ (Russian world) to other territories with do not belong to Russia.

Considering that some citizens of other countries may disagree with such philosophy, every young patriot must have a complete command of small and cold arms.

енот20 енот21

E.N.O.T. CORP instructors who participated in combat on the territory of Ukraine are sharing their experience with the younger generation of Russians. They teach them to fight in woodland area and manage light arms, training new generation ready and able to kill.


Novorossiyabattlefield chevrons

енот23 енот24


All the tactical classes and battlefield games are authorized by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Ministry’s officials and executives of educational establishments are familiar with theoretical and practical course taught by E.N.O.T. volunteers and volunteers of youth organizations founded by the company.

Russian government is aware of all the events held by such groups. They benefit from youth training immensely, as Kremlin is growing the new generation faithful to Putin and ready to fight.

E.N.O.T. militants, apart from training young people in Russia, are often going on ‘business trips’ to the action area in Ukraine. They not simply deliver freights for ‘Novorossiya’ terrorists, but participate in fights and annihilations.

Close proximity and protection of Kremlin authorities gives a free hand to the private military company E.N.O.T. CORP as well as free rein.

E.N.O.T. CORP is known to have annihilated militants who refused to serve in the ranks of the 1
st and 2nd corps of LPR and DPR ‘people’s militia’.

Neither Zakharchenko, nor Plotnitskiy, current chiefs of hybrid republics, could authorize such operation, as E.N.O.T. CORP are quasi-legal themselves, which means that the order came from Kremlin curators.

Russian authorities incite harder towards Ukrainian people more and more and prepare young generation to participation in warfare using private military companies and various patriotic organizations and unions. They develop hate in teenagers’ unformed psychic, training them as professional fighters in new armed conflicts.

Considering the scale of propaganda and the events held Kremlin is unlikely to stop and the war in Donbas will continue.


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